Mutations I

The European Month of Photography brings together the 7 photography festivals of Berlin, Bratislava, Luxembourg, Moscow, Paris, Rome and Vienna in a single network. Mutations I is the network’s first major common project. In each of the 7 partner countries in the project the curators have chosen 5 artists whose work is representative of the artistic and technological mutations which effect the world of photography today, and who deserve international recognition. From the 35 artists, 7 have been selected by a European jury to participate in the Mutations exhibition. The catalogue, published to coincide with the exhibition, presents a selection of works by the 7 artists chosen but also offers an overview of the work of the 28 other photographers. One of the 7 artists shown in the exhibition will receive the Alcatel Award for the European Month of Photography, established in 2006 and determined by an international jury.

European Month Of Photography

International co-operation in photography? Of course, nothing could be more self-evident! Even 165 years ago when the photographic procedure was first present in Paris, it was already part of a European network, and it could only triumph because its investors, promoters and users were free of national narrow-mindedness. Since then the progress achieved in photography has been linked to the principle of exchanging information and experience, to the interplay of learning and teaching, and to the encouragement of creativity. The "Month of Photography" takes up this good tradition: may it be one brick of the House of European Culture in the 21st century.
Thomas Friedrich † (founding member of EMOP)

Alcatel is honored to be the first partner of the European Month of Photography and the "Mutations I" exhibition which enables cutting-edge European photographers to have their work shown to a larger public audience.

The Alcatel Award for the European Month of Photography, created in 2006, will put the emphasis on one of them.

By its commitment to support photography as an artistic expression of openess to others, Alcatel is pursuing an approach to the arts based on recognising and promoting cultural diversity.



Philippe Ramette
winner of the European Month of Photography - Alcatel Award

The Winner of the European Month of Photography - Alcatel Award: Philippe Ramette